Faye Ibars

"I have now been to two different Madre Tierra retreats and that's just the beginning. These experiences have been transformative for me, and I will continue to attend as many retreats as I can. I've benefitted immensely from the varied workshops and especially meeting from the fellow attendees. What a beautiful way to connect with like-minded people. Madre Tierra retreats combine nature and art with a focus on personal growth. It's spiritual summer camp!  Personally, I was so inspired by the last retreat that I've continued to pursue art, painting, collage, and try all kinds forms of self-expression. I cannot thank Ella enough for creating these magical retreats and I feel lucky to have been a part of them. Can't wait for the next time I can reconnect with myself and Mother Earth!"


Stephany Blanco

Words can’t even begin to describe the beautiful  experience I had at Madre Tierra retreat. During my time I had the chance to experience so many different things... I got to spend time with my friends on a deeper level, and also got to meet some extraordinary people that were new and amazing. The environment that was created was so unique and special that people including myself were able to release their inhibitions and truly be themselves. The tears, laughter, openness and appreciation that joined us all as one is something I’ll never forget. The Madre Tierra retreat came together in such a harmonious way that it left all of us who started as strangers - feeling connected, peaceful and as if we had known each other forever. I truly believe everyone found a little piece of themselves that they didn’t know they were searching for.
Regardless of any insecurities that I've had, I felt a sense comfort even in my own discomfort, and found myself being able to let go. The energy and support that was provided was the trigger to releasing known and unknown stressors and in return inspiring new thoughts, clarity and intentions.
The Madre Tierra team and facilitators worked tirelessly to bring together a truly exceptional and affirming experience. Throughout the retreat they did an amazing job striking the perfect balance between yoga, self development, hoola hoping (including the fire hoola hooping treat), creating positive affirmations through artistic influences and delicious vegan dishes. The Hostel in the forest also provided and taught me the respect and consideration nature deserves, shifting the mindset and whole being.
Thank you for making your retreat such an amazing experience! I can truly say I walked away with more than I expected. I look forward to partaking in all of Madre Tierra’s new adventures. I’m so proud of you Ella, keep changing lives one retreat at a time.

Ana Xochitl

"I use my social media to focus in on and reinforce the idea of self-care, physically and mentally. I do not do this for others but as a consistent reminder to myself. I've been actively working for the last year towards acknowledging and confronting my demons such as anger, irrationality, self-pity, resentment, immaturity, etc... A few months ago at the Madre Tierra Retreat, I moved from acknowledgement to acceptance. Since then i have felt freed from the burden of these traits. I discovered that I am fully empowered and in control and I was taught some strategies to work on. It's not easy for me to say I'm no angel, but at least now I no longer feel helpless towards self-improvement."