Expressive Therapy Retreat Mandala Series Sept 27-30, 2019



Expressive Therapy Retreat - The Mandala Series  SunMountain Center, Manitou Springs, Colorado

September 27-30th, 2019

Allow yourself to step back from day-to-day demands for a journey toward self exploration, relaxation, increased awareness and personal growth enlightened by the restorative powers of Mother Earth. Disconnect to reconnect as you immerse in nature, tranquility, and the expressive therapies.

This 3-day, 3-night retreat offers a sacred and meditative space to deepen connections and expand awareness with ourselves and nature through yoga, nature walks, and expressive therapy experiential workshops led by licensed creative art therapists and certified yoga practitioners.

This retreat is designed for anyone who is interested in self-exploration through the expressive therapies, as well as practitioners in the fields of mental health, creative art therapies, and spiritual counseling. This retreat is presented in a unique format that allows practitioners and non-practitioners to gain hands on experience using the expressive therapies in their own lives or practice.

About SunMountain Center

SunMountain Center is historic bed-and-breakfast and creative sanctuary for wellness featuring two historic homes situated on six acres of terraced gardens, complete with walking & meditation trails and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.  Their world-class urban farm property provides inspiration through nature, art, locally-sourced cuisine, and history. It is located just minutes from Garden of the Gods, downtown Manitou Springs, and many other natural and historical Colorado destinations.

SunMountain Center creates an unmatched atmosphere encompassing the surreal tranquility of nature while offering an intimate setting for this retreat. Their impeccable staff inspires an interest in the surrounding culture and encourages guests to partake in activities such as touring the land, venturing into the historic city of Manitou Springs, escaping to their neighboring SunWater Spa for a blissful soak in the Hot Mineral Tubs, as well as many other enticing endeavors.



Meet the facilitators!


Lisa Clementi, MS, R-DMT, LCAT

Dancer & Dance/movement psychotherapist

New York City, NY

Lisa Clementi is a professional dancer and dance/movement therapist residing in New York City. At a very young age, Lisa fell in love with the way dance made her feel larger than life itself and hasn’t stopped dancing since. She received her BA in Dance from Hofstra University and completed her MS degree with distinction in Dance/Movement Therapy from Pratt Institute.

With an innate knowledge of the power of movement, Lisa is inspired to begin a journey into dance/movement therapy. She has had the opportunity to bring the healing aspects of movement all over the boroughs of NYC. Lisa strives to bring performance as therapy into her therapeutic work and continues to bring the empowering aspects of dance to lives all over the globe.

Everyone that works with Lisa feels her positive energy and is immediately lifted up! Using recreational dances mixed with her classical training, Lisa is able to relate to her participant’s interests and needs. Structuring her workshops for the purpose of self-discovery and empowerment, Lisa allows her participants to feel the freedom and control and everything in between that they so desperately desire. Lisa is an incredible facilitator with spirit, grace and relatability.



Visual Artist, Art Therapist, Yoga Instructor & Founder Miami, Fl

Ella Dufrene believes that art is our most primitive form of communication and that almost everything we know about human history derives from some form of art. Driven by the instinctual knowledge of the innate and powerful healing powers of art, Ella received her Masters in Art Therapy from the Pratt Institute in 2015.

While deeply connected to the healing and meditative powers of art making, she discovered that nature had very similar effects that harmonized with creativity. Ella began exploring eco and environmental art therapy techniques which lead her to facilitate her first retreat in 2016 in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Currently, Ella is based out of Miami, FL, where she works as an art therapist in hospice, as well as in her private practice, Lila Art Therapy Services, LLC. She has experience working with people on the autism spectrum, children and adults with special needs and developmental delays, drug/alcohol addiction, eating disorders, as well as adults and children in both individual and group settings. Ella emphasizes a holistic approach to wellness and utilizes a playful ‘person first’ approach to therapy.

All of those that know and work with Ella can feel her passion for the healing properties of art and movement. Ella approaches her day to day and work life with a zest for life, a youthful spirit and a contagiously open mind.

Find out more about Ella's intention and purpose behind Lila Retreats by clicking here: Why Madre Tierra?

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.15.14 PM

Ryan bean

Yoga & AcroYoga Instructor

Ryan Bean is an acrobat, performer and Yoga instructor. Ryan received his yoga training at the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India. He teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and power yoga, incorporating  Meditation and Pranayama into each practice. Partner Yoga and AcroYoga are at the core of his style and he may include these fun elements into a class to help emphasize community and trust within the group. Ryan brings a unique style, incorporating the traditional and spiritual practices of yoga learned in the ashrams of India with the playful acro practice. His classes are a mixture of spiritual, playful, powerful, and guided asanas to help you grow and work toward alignment.


About the Workshops and Offerings


The Mandala Sanskrit for “circle” or “completion,” is an ancient symbol that represents our life and the universe. Mandalas are seen everywhere: in the structures of our cells, the earth, and universe. Mandala themed workshops aim at promoting centering, meditation, emotional expression, mood enhancement, and relaxation. The mandala will be explored through visual arts and movement.

Through movement exploration, creative expression, reflection of nature and moving as a collective, we aim to discover the synchronicities between our inner self and the collective energy. In hopes of understanding our own patterning, awakening our capacity to tap into and attune to vibration, and reconnect our patterning with our most authentic self, we gain access to the scared healing force of the profound pattern of the circle on a personal and universal level.


Art therapy is a mental health profession that originated in the fields of art and psychotherapy. It is very similar to your traditional talk therapy, except that we use art as a form of communication and self exploration. Creative expression is our most primitive form of communication!
The creative process and the resulting artwork is used to explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem (American Art Therapy Association).


Ryan Bean will be leading us in our Yoga and Meditation sessions. Ryan Bean is a acrobat performer and instructor and full time yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner.  Ryan received his yoga training at the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India. Ryan specializes in power yoga with a primal theme; incorporating Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Meditation, Pranayama, and other styles into his unique style of flowing yoga.   Ryan brings a unique style, incorporating the traditional and spiritual practices of yoga learned in the ashrams of India with a playful acro practice. Ryan's classes are a mixture of spiritual, playful, and guided asanas to help you grow and enjoy your practice more each class. The daily yoga sessions will focus on learning how to create and maintain your own mediation practice, as well as utilization Pranayama to quiet the mind. In addition, participants will understand the benefits that the physical practice of yoga has on our nervous system and gain a scientific perspective on why we practice. Yoga classes will be provided every morning.




  • Three nights accommodations
  • All meals, farm-to-table, organic, vegetarian and gluten-free. Please notify Ella of special dietary needs upon registration.
  • Art therapy and dance therapy workshops
  • All art materials
  • Daily morning yoga and meditation classes
  • Access to walking and meditation trails and hot tubs on property
  • Group hike as an opportunity to connect with nature
  • Access to the SunWater Spa and voucher for 2-hour soak in the hot springs

Not Included in Retreat Costs

  • Travel to/from Denver, CO (DIA and Colorado Springs airports)
  • Transportation to/from Manitou Springs, CO and airports or other beginning locations (carpooling is encouraged)
  • Additional soaking at SunWater Spa
  • Additional spa services at SunWater Spa
  • Any incidentals you incur


In the kitchen at SunMountain Center, vegetarian, gluten-free, and organic meals are prepared for all retreat guests. They utilize the biodynamic agriculture of the property with an emphasis on creating healing cuisine. Incorporating foods from the farm and our kitchen garden, as well as making use of the local mineral water ensures the highest quality and intention goes into each and every meal prepared there.

SunMountain Center is committed to consciously growing their own food in a sustainable way so that we may live in harmony with Mother Earth. The kitchen staff strives to create food that is not only meant to be healthy but also beautiful and appeals to all the senses.


EARLY BIRD - Sign up before June 2nd

  • $967.00 – Double Occupancy Room - per person
  • $855.00 – Quad Occupancy Room - per person

After June 2nd:

  • $1,067.00 – Double Occupancy Room - per person
  • $955.00 – Quad Occupancy Room - per person


  • Cost of lodging is included in retreat cost and will be arranged on your behalf.
  • Double and quad occupancy rooms available.
  • If you are interested in being paired up to share a room with other friends please notify Ella upon registration and she will do her best to accommodate your request.


$250 (100% refundable 90 days prior to the retreat, non-refundable thereafter) deposit is required to reserve your spot for the retreat. The remainder of your balance is due 30 days, and is non refundable (Aug 27th) before the start of Expressive Therapy Retreat – Mandala Series. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with room details and a guest information sheet after you have made your payment.