Madre Tierra Retreat at Casas Vievas Guesthouse - Finca La Victoria, Minca, Magdalena, Colombia

April 6-10th, 2017

$357 USD per person / Dorm accommodations

$450 USD per person / Private room accommodations

$491 USD per person/ Private room w/bath

Double packs

$650 USD for 2 people - Private room w/ private bathroom

$600 USD  for 2 people - Private room w/ shared bath


  • Daily Yoga classes.
  • 4-night accommodation at Casas Viejas Guesthouse.
  • Daily delicious and healthy vegetarian meals per day (4 dinners, 3 lunches, 4 breakfasts)
  • Nature hikes and eco-adventures in the Sierra Nevada.
  • All art therapy and dance therapy workshops.
  • Cacao Dance Ceremony


The preferred payment method for the Madre Tierra Retreat 2017 is PayPal or Cash. We also accept credit card payments at check-out.


Thursday, April 6th

8am-6pm                                            Check-in

7:30pm                                                Dinner

8pm                                                      Meet & greet – Followed by Therapeutic Art Making - Setting an Intention

Madre Tierra Opening Circle

Friday, April 7th

6:30 am                                               Yoga

7:45 am                                               Breakfast

9am-12pm                                          Coming Full Circle- Earth Mandala

1pm                                                     Lunch

2pm-3pm                                           Free time

3pm-6pm                                           Chakra Dance Workshop

7:30pm                                               Dinner

Saturday, April 8th

6:30 am                                              Yoga

7:45am                                                Breakfast

9am-12pm                                          Earth Dances: Moving the Self from Within              

1pm                                                     Lunch

2-3pm                                                 Free Time

3pm-6pm                                           Photography as Meditation and Self Discovery 

7pm                                                     Dinner 

Sunday, April 9th

6:30 am                                               Yoga

7:45 am                                               Breakfast

9am-12pm                                          Moving Mandalas: A two-part series

1pm                                                       Lunch

2pm-3pm                                             Free Time

3pm-6pm                                             Cacao Dance Ceremony

7pm                                                     Dinner

Monday April 10th                              

7:30am                                                Breakfast

8am                                                     Closing Circle -Enjoy your day!

3pm                                                     Check-out


Moving Mandalas: A two-part series

Lisa Clementi, MS, R-DMT & Ella Dufrene, MPS

This movement workshop will explore different circle dances from all over the world, discovering the interconnectedness to the earth and our ancestors, while renewing our relationship to the present and enlightening our paths towards the future. In two parts, this workshop will culminate with a collaborative creation of a new circle dance and mandala alter honoring the self in the cyclical creation of life.

Earth Dances: Moving the Self from Within

Lisa Clementi, MS, R-DMT

Discovering the self through movement and nature, this dance/movement workshop will incorporate movement explorations through guided meditation, improvisation, music, and experientials to build upon a collaborative dance. Culminating with a witness/mover experience, the dance will be performed honoring the self in connection to the earth and its movement, rhythm, and energy.

Chakra Journey -Awakening the Rainbow Within

Beatriz Ricco

A body mind soul experience through the 7 main energy centers of the body. Explaining about the Chakras in theory then moving along with dancing meditation, yoga Asanas for each Chakra, mudras and mantras to awake and create movement to balance the centers. In this workshop you will learn about the 7 main Chakras, experience dance with music and movements designed for each of the 7 Chakras and awakening the Kundalini energy. Utilizing Chanting, Creativity, and Visualization, this workshop is designed to work on the soul and embark on a journey to come home to our real self.

Photography as Meditation and Self Discovery 

Beatriz Ricco

Photography is the art of capturing light, it takes a meditative state to perceive things beyond what the regular eye can see. Seeing is different than observing. By learning some photography techniques you will look at life and yourself in many aspects in a different way, opening your mind and your mind's eye to a brand new world.In this workshop we will learn basic photography, elements that make a good image and how to get into a meditative state to capture details around your environment.

Cacao Dance Ceremony

Beatriz Ricco

Cacao, also known as Raw Chocolate, is a sacred plant medicine that is celebrated as the food of the gods and has been used in Shamanic ceremonies by the natives of Central and South America for thousands of years. Raw cacao is considered a superfood and is the highest source of magnesium on the planet. It also contains a so-called "bliss chemical;" anandamide, which works with our heart's ability to expand, supports emotional clearing, and deepens our connection with self and with life. It is believed that the spirit of cacao has the power to reveal and unlock the secrets of the soul, bringing forth our ultimate truth in a loving way that is immediate and lasting. A cacao elixir is prepared for the ceremony using a delicious concoction of raw, vegan, and organic ingredients, all of which you can find at your local health food store. They all have an expanding, energizing, and uplifting effect on the body, mind and spirit.

Coming Full Circle- Earth Mandala

Ella Dufrene, MPS

The Mandala Sanskrit for “circle” or “completion.” It is an ancient symbol that represents our life and the universe. Mandalas are seen everywhere: in the structures of our cells, the earth, and universe. During this workshop, participants will work together create a large mandala using all natural materials from the earth while exploring and reflecting on the interconnectedness of humans and and earth. This workshop aims at promoting centering, meditation, emotional expression, mood enhancement, and relaxation.