Our Mission

Madre Tierra creative arts and yoga retreat

March 17-22,2020

Dominical Costa Rica

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Manifestation Workshop

This workshop utilizes journaling and art making to address personal barriers which may be preventing us from manifesting what we want in life. Whether it be in terms of goals, personal achievement, or interpersonal relationships, this workshop is designed to challenge those hurdles. Participants will engage in a journaling, visualization and art making directive aimed at refuting limiting beliefs and replacing them with a new sense of what is possible.

The main component of this workshop will be hands-on art making, followed by sharing/group discussion.

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Mandala Workshop

Mandala" derived from ancient Sanskrit means “circle” or “center,” it is an ancient symbol that represents wholeness and completion of a cycle. This symbolic form is often thought to represent the universe and is used by all cultures for sacred as well as secular purposes. Mandalas are seen everywhere: in the structures of our cells, the earth, and universe. This creative workshop aims at promoting self exploration, centering, meditation, emotional expression, mood enhancement, and relaxation through the creation of your own personal mandala.

The main component of this workshop will be hands-on art making, followed by sharing/group discussion.