About Ella


Ella Dufrene, MPS, ATR

Art Therapist, Visual Artist, YTT200

Ella Dufrene is an intuitive painter and registered art therapist who improves, enriches, and transforms people’s quality of life through free creative self-expression. She will inspire you to rediscover, reconcile and embrace the creative mastermind that is within you and teach you how to utilize creativity as a means of self-exploration and personal growth. Driven by the instinctual knowledge of the innate and powerful healing powers of art, Ella received her Masters in Art Therapy & Creativity Development from the Pratt Institute in 2015.


Deeply connected to the restorative flow and wisdom fostered by Mother Earth, Ella began exploring eco-art therapy techniques, and moving toward an ecological artistic context that emphasizes collaboration and interconnection. Her company, Madre Tierra Creative Arts & Yoga Retreats focus on our innate primal bond with nature, with an emphasis on grounding, creativity development and mindfulness making her retreats and trainings effective for building coping skills, reducing stress and anxiety, and preventing burn-out.


She has experience working with people on the autism spectrum, children and adults with special needs and developmental delays, drug/alcohol addiction, hospice, eating disorders, as well as adults and children in both individual and group settings. In 2019, she joined Guitars Over Guns non-profit organization with the intention to inspire and empower at risk youth through the arts. 


Ella emphasizes a holistic approach to wellness and utilizes a playful ‘person first’ approach to therapy. All of those that know and work with her can feel her passion for the healing properties of nature, art and movement. Ella approaches her day to day and work life with a zest for life, a youthful spirit and a contagiously open mind.

Madre Tierra creative arts and yoga retreat

March 24-29,2021

Dominical Costa Rica

E-mail ellarapha.art@gmail.com to learn more!